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Octopus Term 4 2021-2022

 Wow! Term 4 has been such fun! This term we have celebrated World Book Day, Autism Acceptance Week and have learnt lots about 'People Who Help Us'. 

For World Book Day we had extra visits to the school library, voted for our favourite books, shared books together in small groups, settled down with books during relax time and shared hot chocolate with Helena in the main hall while she read 'Hug' to us by Jez Alborough. We also completed lots of art and craft activities linked to reading such as making bookmarks and designing book covers. 

For Autism Acceptance Week we celebrated our differences, discussed what makes us special, shared our likes and dislikes and took part in a colour run event which was lots of fun! Linked to this event, some of the children took part in creating a large collaborative art piece using splatter painting. It was very messy, but the artwork produced is stunning and will be donated to the staff at the Prospect Hospice in Wroughton to say thank you for all of their hard work. 

The children have really enjoyed our topic of 'People Who Help Us' this term. They have watched videos, matched equipment to jobs, e.g. hoses for the fire service and medical supplies for paramedics and have thought about situations when people might need to access help. The children have painted emergency vehicles and have created their own emergency vehicles using junk modelling. 

We have continued to do lots of learning outdoors this term and have noticed changes in the weather each day; splashing in huge puddles, taking shade from the sun and watching some snow fall. Some of the children have visited the UET farm this term where they have helped to care for the animals; feeding them (including preparing the food), collecting eggs, holding the animals and learning about grooming them. 

As always, we have continued to develop our skills in maths and literacy. As part of our PSHE sessions this term we have learnt about keeping our bodies healthy and have engaged in lots of healthy food tasting and exercise to support this. 

All of the children have worked incredibly hard again this term and their confidence continues to grow and grow.  Well done on your efforts this term Octopus class.

Octopus Term 3 2021-2022

 This term has been a busy one in Octopus class. We have enjoyed our topics of Heroes and Villains (red group) and On the Farm (blue group). 

In maths we have continued to work on our number skills; counting, adding, subtracting and some children have now started to explore multiplication. We have also looked at measure and shape focusing on using the correct vocabulary to describe size, shape, position and direction.

In literacy we are continuing to practise letter formation and have been using our phonic knowledge to try to spell words independently. We have enjoyed regular visits to the school library and are enjoying an increasing range of books. We are looking forward to welcoming some parents to class next term to share our books as part of World Book Day. 

For our 'Heroes and Villains' topic we have dressed up, designed our own superhero characters, written speech bubbles and made shields and capes. For our 'On the Farm' topic we have focused on imaginative role play, naming animals, exploring sensory materials associated with the farm, including food items, and have created sentences to comment on what we can see at the farm. 

During our visits to the school garden we have learnt about safety and have demonstrated that we can follow instructions to keep ourselves safe. It was great fun making dough twists on the fire! We have also done lots of work about staying safe online as part of Online Safety Day. 

This term's PE has had a focus on gymnastics and balance. The children have demonstrated great focus during these sessions and have been able to follow routines and have even created their own routines. The children have tried really hard to show independence in changing for PE. 

All of the children have made excellent choices this term and have worked super hard so we are looking forward to celebrating their achievements with a mini party for the last day of the term. Well done Octopus class on another amazing term!

Octopus Term 2 2021-2022

In Octopus class this term we have been working hard and learning to understand and share celebrations. 

In PSHE, we have talked about people's differences; eye colour, hair colour, families and beliefs. We have talked about different events that people celebrate and completed artwork to illustrate different celebrations. The children have been very good at sharing ideas as a group and talking about the way they differ from each other. The children have also thought about how our differences can sometimes mean that we want to do different things; this knowledge has helped to support children's friendships in class. We have also talked more about our class rules and how to be good friends. We have shared lots of time together practising following our rules.

In maths the children have continued to develop skills in number and counting. We have also started to explore multiplication by pairing wellies and grouping objects. 

In literacy this term, the children have focused on letter formation, writing simple sentences and using punctuation. 

During our sessions in the school garden, the children have explored the area using their senses, made leaf mobiles to hang from the trees, created leaf rubbings and used tools to make wooden Christmas decorations. 

The end of term has seen the children get very creative as they have started to explore Christmas. They have made Christmas cards, lists and placemats and have acted as elves, wrapping presents using our junk modelling resources. The children even made extra Christmas cards to be delivered to care homes in the local community. As a class, we have also explored the sensory aspects of Christmas from the sounds of music to the texture of snow to the smell of orange and spices.

Overall, the children have had a wonderful term sharing celebrations! The children have worked really hard this term and should feel very proud of themselves. Well done Octopus class!

Octopus Term 1 2021-2022

 Octopus class have enjoyed coming together as a new class this term; meeting new friends and adults and building positive relationships together. As part of our PSHE work we established class rules that will help to keep us all happy and safe.

During busy time sessions the children have used different communication strategies to make requests and have enjoyed exploring the resources and games available to them. 


During literacy we have focused on our letter recognition and correct formation, as well as spelling words using our phonic knowledge and starting to write short sentences to caption pictures. We have chosen books from the library to read for pleasure with an adult and have developed our phonic knowledge through 1:1 focused tasks. At the end of each day, we have shared stories as a group and been working together to describe characters, predict what might happen next and sequence stories. 


In Maths, we have been focusing on counting objects reliably, number recognition and solving addition and subtraction problems using objects and number lines. We have also explored measure in practical situations and used comparative language to describe length and height. 


As part of our topic work, we have talked about ourselves and our families and shared our likes and dislikes about a range of items and activities. 


We have particularly enjoyed learning outdoors, completing rainbow challenges and spending time in the school garden.