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Stingray Class News

Stingray Term 4 2021-2022

 In Term 4, Stingray Class had lots of fun exploring the school environments, trying new things and learning about People Who Help Us. Throughout the term we learnt about dentists, doctors and firefighters. We had fun playing with toothbrushes to ‘clean’ dirty teeth in a range of different activities. We particularly enjoyed exploring the dentist playdough set and making our own playdough teeth to out into the mouth. We liked looking in mirrors to explore our mouth and teeth to make sure they are clean. When we learnt about doctors, we helped look after the dolls in class by giving them a bath and listening to stories from our favourite characters (Peppa Pig and Bing!) about what you do when you go to the doctors. We also talked about what we need to keep our bodies healthy and throughout the term we tasted lots of different cereals including, different flavoured porridge, bran flakes and multigrain hoops. Everyone tasted something and some of us could say or indicate that we had a preference for different cereals.

When we explored being firefighters, we enjoyed watching Fireman Sam and using the spray bottles to ‘put out’ a fire on the tuff tray. We also explored dressing up items linked to the different People Who Help Us.

It was also Autism Acceptance Week in Term 4. Stingray Class really enjoyed their colour run in the small garden and we were so proud of everyone taking part. We played with lots of our favourite things and had a really fun afternoon with Turtles Class playing in the paddling pool.

In Term 4 we also celebrated World Book Day, St Patrick’s Day and Red Nose Day. We had a great afternoon with our families to celebrate World Book Day we all enjoyed sharing our work and completing some fun activities with everyone in class.

What a busy and fun term we have had!

Term 3 2021-2022

In Term 3, Stingray Class had lots of fun exploring their topic “On the Farm”. We showed our creative skills through using lots of different materials to collage different farm animals including, sheep, cows and chickens. We also used paint and clue to help make our collages even better!

We have become really good at engaging in dough disco and Bucket Group every day and we anticipate these tasks by transitioning really well to the class from lunchtime.

We have explored the different sounds that animals make and listened to the sounds that we can hear in our environment as part of our Phase 1 Phonics learning and our music sessions. We have loved using the environmental sounds games on Twinkl and playing the piano on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Through sensory play we have explored and tasted lots of different vegetables including peas, carrots, sweetcorn and potatoes. We even became farmers and found some growing in a tuff tray which we enjoyed digging up.

We have started using Shiny Learning to explore cause and effect and see that when we touch something on the screen it causes something to happen e.g. touching the firework makes it shoot up the screen and explode.

We have had lots of fun playing with our friends outside, using the bikes and diddicars at playtime and interacting with each other in softplay. We are really good at transitioning around the school now.

What a fantastic term full of fun and laughter. We look forward to Term 4 and exploring our new topic, People Who Help Us.

Stingray Term 2 2021-2022


This term the children of Stingray class have been learning about Special Times.


We spent time exploring the different items grown and harvested each year. We practiced cutting and grating a range of vegetables and went on a harvest hunt to find pictures related to the topic.


We learnt about the festival of lights; making our own diva lamps, dressing up in traditional clothing and making firework pictures.

Remembrance Day

We learnt about the importance of Poppies through our focus story times and watching ‘Poppies Animation’ by CBeebies. We had lots of fun doing a range of mark making, creating patterns and painting poppy wreaths.


 We spent time cooking and exploring different foods. We made potato Latkes and made our own handprint manorahs. We also learnt song Hanukah songs and created our own music using a range of instruments.


 We had lots of fun learning about Christmas, we completed a range of Christmas crafts, made yummy peppermint creams and wrote our own cards. We also explored a range of stories through sensory story times, playing with the character toys, exploring the textures of snow and Christmas trees and tasting items from the story.

Stingray Term 1 2021-2022


This term the children of Stingray class have been learning about each other, meeting new friends and developing relationships with the new staff.

Our main focus this term has been to help the children settle into their new class and/or school. We have worked hard to develop relationships with children and staff and have focussed on learning names. The children have all settled well and have developed a good understanding of the daily routine. We are now all able to sit on circle times to join in with our ‘hello’ song and ‘goodbye’ song. The children have really enjoyed learning to sing and/ or sign these.

As part of our topic ‘I am Special’ we have been developing an understanding of our own likes and dislikes, trying new foods, and exploring different textures and materials by using our senses.

We have been exploring the different environments around Chalet school, as well as learning where to find toys and resources within the Coral Reef, we have been to explore and learn in the library, soft play area and bikes playground. We have also been to the hall for PE and explored the sensory room with the Claire our Occupational Therapist.

We have spent lots of time in the school garden, exploring natural resources, playing in the mud kitchen and on the tree swing. We have made mud faces while learning about emotions and done bark and leaf rubbings as park of our motor skills session